Kelley Farm

Sandwich Toppers:

Japlapeño Micro Slices- Half Pint $4.50

Jalapeno Chunky Slices- Half Pint $4.00
Habañero & Sweet Pepper Slices- 4oz Jar $3.50

​Deli Style Hot Pepper Relish -4oz Jar $3 Pint $4

Sweet Chunky Zucchini Relish 1/2 pt $4 Pint $6

Sweet & HOt Zucchini Relish-1/2 Pint $4 Pint $6

Sweet Onion & Cucumber Relish- 1/2 pint $4 Pint $6.00

Sauces & Marinades $4.50 Pint or $7.00 Quart

​Arrabiata Sauce -Spicy And Bold Tomato Sauce

Roasted Garlic Marianara Sauce

Spinach & Mushroom Garden Spaghetti Sauce

Spicy Garden Spaghetti Sauce 

Mushroom & Onion Spaghetti Sauce

Red, Yellow & orange Bell Pepper / Onion Sauce

Honey, Mustard, Onion & Vinegar Marinade

Whole Seed Mustards $4 for 4oz or $6.00 ½ Pint

Smoked Bhut Jolokia- HOLY GOODNESS

​Raw Honey - Sweet and Delicious

​Fresh Horseradish Root - Tangy and Bright

Want us to mix a few berries together for you? Do you love extra garlic or are you a hot pepper fanatic like Sondra? (Be careful we grow the Bhut Jolokia!) Want your pickles cut in to little heart and star shapes? Want an anchovy in your jalapeno relish? Just ask! Everything can be modified and creativity earns you extra points- there's never going to be a minimum amount you have to order and just because it's custom does not mean it has to cost a million bucks. We will make anything to order except for pickled eggs! EW! Anything you wish to custom order will be made the Sunday or Tuesday following your order placement.

Contact us for discounts on large quantities or if you are interested in selling our delicious treats in your store! 

Farm Fresh Eggs: 

50¢ ea  or $5 per Dozen

Pickled Cucubmbers & More : 

Angry Dill Pickles- Pint & a half $6.00

Angry Dill Radishes- Pint & a half $6.00

Angry Dill Carrots- Pint $ a half $6.00

Angry Dill Green Beans - Pint & a half $6.00
Dill Halves- Quart $6.00
Dill Chunky Chips Quart $6.00

Dill Perfect Spiced Wholes- Pint $4.50

Dill Spears-  Pint $4.50

Dill HOT Spears -Pint $4.50
Dill Sandwich Slices- Pint $4.50 

Dill Micro Slices- Half Pint $4.00 

​Dill HOT Micro Slices -Half Pint $4.00
Bread and Butter Sandwich Slices- Pint $5.00 
Bread and Butter Chips- Pint $6.00
Bread & Butter Zucchini Spears -Pint $5.00

Bread & Butter Zucchini Chips Pint- $5.00

B & B Cauliflower & Garlic- 1½ Pint $7.00

​Sweet Chow Chow- Pint $6 - Quart $9.00

Sweet Ginger Shavings- 1/2 pint Fancy $6.00

Whole Roasted NM Hatch Chilies- Quart $10.00​

Decadant Whole Fresh Fruit Preserves:

Strawberry Preserve- Half Pint $4.00 Pint $6.00

Strawberry Lemonade Preserve 4oz Jar $3.50
Blue & Black Berry Preserve -Half Pint $4.00

Blueberry Preserve -Half Pint $4.00

Blueberry Lemonade Preserve -Half Pint $4.50

Blueberry Lemonade Preserve 4oz Jar $3.00
Pineapple Preserve - Half Pint $4.00 Pint $6.00

Blackberry Preserve- Half Pint $4.50
Raspberry Preserve- Half Pint $5.00

Raspberry Lemonade Preserve- Half Pint $5.00

Raspberry Lemonade Preserve- 4oz Jar $3.50

Mixed Berry Preserve- Half Pint $4.00

Sweet White Grape Preserve- Half Pint $4.00

Peaches and Brandy Preserve- Half Pint $4.00

Mimosa Marmelade- Half Pint $4.00

Sweet Spiced Mango Chutney- Half Pint $5.00

Kiwi Preserves- 4oz Jar $4.00

Boysenberry Preserve- 4oz $4.00- ½pint $6.00

Huckleberry Preserve 4oz $4.00- ½pint $6.00

Gooseberry Preserve 4oz $4.00- ½pint $6.00

Red Grape 4oz $2.50- ½pint $4.00 Pint $6.00

Black Grape 4oz $2.50 ½pint $4.00 Pint $6.00

White Grape Champagne ½ pint $7.00 Pint $12.00

Sweet Jalapeno Jam - Half Pint $4.00

Habañero & Brown Sugar Conserve- 1/2 Pint $6


Verde Tomatillo & Green Chiles- Half Pint $4.00

Grilled Pineapple, Jalapeno & Onion- Pint $6.00

Bhut Jolokia & Pineapple-½Pint $4.00 Pint $7.00 

Restaurant Style Medium Heat- Pint $5.00

Restaurant Style Mild Heat- Pint $5.00

Peach, Pineapple, Mango & Habanero- Pint $6.00

Tangy Lemon & Vinegar Mango- Pint $6.00

Nectarine, Pineapple & Habanero- Pint $6.00 

Roasted Corn, Black Bean & Garlic- Pint $5.00

Garden HOT Salsa- ½Pint $4.00 Pint $6.00

Nothing can save you now HOT- ½Pint $4.00


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