Everything we grow here in our garden beds and containers will never be sprayed with any chemicals, and anything that we buy for our home canned or dried goods will always be sourced from a local farmer or grower we know and trust to make the same promise -If all else fails because it's an out of season or weird item, it came from the organic or all natural section of the grocery store. Eating good clean food does not have to be expensive! 

Kelley Farm

About the Food! 

In 2010 we found the perfect house up on the mountain with three acres of land and a chicken coop in the back yard. After almost a year of painstaking renovations our little farm house house was all ready to be lived in, but something was missing! Chickens!!! So, we went to our local farm supply store and bought 10 baby chicks that promptly made our bathtub their home- let me tell you, this stuff is not as easy as it looks! After a brief learning curve we finally got it and when those chickens started laying eggs, OH MY, there is no going back to store bought! Then came MORE chickens, a few homeless cats... the rescue GOATS...  another chicken coop... Ducks (NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART) and our beloved dog Remmey who came over to play as a puppy when his parents went on vacation and decided he wanted to stay forever!!! Our friends jokingly started calling our house "Kelley Farm" and we started thinking.... what if we did ACTUALLY make this a working farm? We already have the space, we're no strangers to hard work, cooking good food is a passion of ours and we love the outdoors... by golly this might just work!


Our little story... 

Everyone with fur, feathers, and scales here on Kelley Farm has a PHD in relaxing, freeloading, eating good food and being annoyed with love. ​​