Kelley Farm is a small farm and Registered business in the state of WV. We have obtained our nationally recognized food handlers safety card, as well as our Jefferson County WV Food handlers card, Bolivar Business License, Harpers Ferry Business License, Jefferson County and WV business and tax license, Sondra has gone through the better process control school offered by the University of California Davis Including focus in Microbiology, Container closure and Kitchen Management. We have our Farmers Market Permits from the Jefferson County, Berkley County, and several towns in between - WV health department as well as our sampling permit and WV small farm egg distributor permit from the WV department of agriculture. All of these permits are current and available for surrender upon request. 

All eggs are ungraded and sold within two weeks of being laid. 

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Community Commitment 

Kelley Farm

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We care! If there's trash, we pick it up! If the fire department is out with their empty boot we contribute! Girl scouts out selling cookies... we buy them! Toys for Tots... we fill a pick up truck bed! It's important to lend a hand to our neighbors and we do it whenever we can!  We are a proud supporter of our local schools, police department and our local Forgotten Childrens Ministry.

Kind of a no brainer, right?Local business owners recycle a majority of their revenue right back in to the community they live in and take more pride in their products!  Small farms and local shops rely on their community just as much as the community relies on them... trust me, that big box store will still be there tomorrow!  

This ain't your mamma's kitchen! If you don't like something it's OK to say so! We won't whack ya with a wooden spoon, PROMISE! Seriously though, if something isn't right or if you just plain don't fancy it please let us know so we can fix it! 

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